Unity (Hupli) Enterprise prizes good relations with our business partners, constantly striving to improve both product quality as well as our service standards.

Unity (Hupli) Enterprise wants our customers to be satisfied with our products in every way possible and, to this end, provide excellent before and after-sales service. We strongly believe that our commitment to providing quality to our valued business partners will further enhance our competitiveness in this industry.

Drawing on the experience we have accumulated over the years, we are able to best assist our business partners to find more effective and efficient ways by matching the best possible cleaning detergent to your cleaning needs.

Our Vision
We strive to be a premier provider of Industrial / Institutional Cleaning Chemicals for various industries and machine ware-washing solutions cater to your needs. Offering a one-stop unified service solution for our business partners with excellent after-sales services at unbeatable prices.

Our Mission
We aim to provide prompt, dependable service, catering to our customers' ever-changing needs, innovatively searching for ways to add value wherever possible.